5 tips for your first guided meditation (2022 edition)

Written by on February 7, 2019

Tips for your first guided meditation

By definition, guided meditiaton is a process by which one or more participants medidate together. This guidance can be provided live, by a teacher or instructor or via videos. Usually guided meditation includes techniques like meditation music, receiptive music therapy, guided imagery, relaxation and self-reflective diary keeping. Many of the top-professionals in the world make use of guided meditation. Let it be sports professionals or top managers. It helps them to stay focused throughout the day. We highly recommend you, to try it two to three times and see how guided meditation can improve your daily life.

Tip Number 1: Start with short meditations

Your first meditation can be mentally exhausting and you might find it hard to focus. Most beginner meditators start with 3-5 minutes. Many of them claim to start feeling positive effects after 2 minutes already. If 2 minutes are too long for you, you can start by paying attention to 3 deep breaths.

Tip Number 2: Try to understand the purpose of meditation

Meditation is often understood wrong. Especially beginners think, that they have to get to the point, where they can’t be distracted. It is better to set the goal of becoming aware of when your mind is starting to drift. Another useful goal is the ability to redirect your attention to the point you can focus without criticizing yourself. Above all meditation should help you to relax and find inner peace.

Tip Number 3: Do it your own way

Many of our clients don’t like meditation tapes or mp3s. Furthermore they like meditation videos. If you have trouble to sit in one place, walking meditation is the way to go for you. Make yourself comfortable and don’t hesitate to ask us for more tips for your first guided meditation.

Tip Number 4: This is what guided meditation can do for you

Meditation helps you to become more stress resistant and to fight anxiety. Additionally it will calm your nervous system. People who are prone to unwanted overthinking profit the most from guided meditation. Therefore it seems reasonable to meditate at least 4 times per week.

Tip Number 5: Start your first guided meditation right now

We are strong believer in “doing instead of just thinking”. Most importantly, you should use meditation as a tool to improve your everyday life. Below you can find a video to start your first guided manifestation. It would make us happy if you let us know in the comments how you liked this post.





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